How to volunteer to teach English online

Are you looking for online English teaching experience? Want to use your teaching skills for a good cause? Find out how you can volunteer to teach English online with Australian, New Zealand and International organisations in order to break into the field …or just to give back.   Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels Not

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Without China, how big is the global online ESL market in 2021?

The global online English-as-a-second language learning market in 2021 is worth up to $10 billion (22% of the total ESL market). China could be ~15% up to 49% of the global digital English language learning market, but exact figures are hard to pinpoint. Major changes in CCP policy will impact the industry significantly. The online

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teaching english online introverts

Teaching English online for introverts – is it a good choice?

Is teaching English online for introverts? It might be for many who prefer more solitary, quiet time. Online teaching, done from the comfort of my own home, has allowed me to connect while also having the privacy and space critical to my well being.  This post is written for Australians and New Zealanders but all

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Digital security for online ESL teachers, is it necessary?

Online English teaching can leave you vulnerable to a range of different dangers than the average user. We’ll cover some easy tips that you can use to keep yourself safe – including using a VPN, avoiding remote access software and maximising your device protection. This post is written for Australians and New Zealanders but all

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3 easy ways to pronounce difficult ESL names

While many ESL students use an “English/Western” name, you may find yourself with a group of learners with names that are not familiar to you and difficult to say. Here are three easy ways for online English teachers to pronounce pronounce difficult ESL names so that you’ll be saying “秀英”, “براهيم‎” and “สมชาย” correctly in no

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3 types of online English teaching jobs

We’ve identified 3 main types of online English teaching jobs for Australian and New Zealand teachers: (1) With an overseas-located company (2) an online marketplace or; (3) independent teaching business (one you run and manage yourself). Read on for more information about which option might be best for you. This post is written for Australians

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lesson plans

10+ FREE online English lesson plan templates Australia

New to teaching? Lesson planning can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of 10+ free lesson plan templates for you to use in the design of your online English lessons, with Australasian specific lesson planning resources. This post is written for Australians and New

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10 steps to make more money teaching English online

Teaching online is a fun and flexible way to make money online but salaries can be low, especially for new teachers. Here are 10 easy things you can do pre- and post-interview to make more money teaching English online. This post is written for Australian and New Zealanders but all of our information can be

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How do I write the perfect resume for teaching online?

How do I write the perfect resume for teaching online, you ask? Are you telling prospective employers, “Hi, I’m currently (or will be) a great teacher”? From formatting, to language skills, work history and background research; here are 10 questions to consider that will highlight your positives…. and get you hired. Table of Contents This

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How long are online English teaching contracts?

With online English teaching companies, many will ask you to sign a contract – stating the salary, required hours and conditions of your employment – with the average length of a contract being 6-12 months. Here are a few things to be mindful of before signing on the dotted line. Image by Michal Jarmoluk from

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FREE teach english online courses?

Are you a new teacher looking to learn more about how to help your students or an experienced teacher searching for professional development opportunities? If so, read on for a list of FREE online short courses that are available to study right now in 2021. Note: We recommend that, if you don’t have one already,

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What is the essential equipment to teach online?

Reliable internet, a computer or laptop with a webcam, a headset and good lighting is all the essential equipment to teach online that you’ll need. There are a few more items, though, that can really make you stand out.  Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels Links are to products sent from within Australia but cheaper

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