I’m the Founder of teachenglishonline.com.au. This site was built to help you to start and succeed at online English teaching. 

I started in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in 2010 after completing a Certificate IV in TESOL course as a 25 year-old in search of adventure. I packed my bags, flew to Mexico City, and landed my first job three days later! I had the privilege of exploring the beautiful (but occasionally dangerous) continent from the historical ancient ruins of Mexico to the bustling metropolis of Lima, Peru. 

After a few years, I returned to Australia.

Cutting the cake on my last day in Mexico. © Kate Zarb.
Monte Albán ruins, Oaxaca, Mexico. © Kate Zarb.

On my return, I began my own freelance IELTS and Academic English tutoring business. I studied a degree in education and digital media, with the idea of creating digital resources for English learners. 

In 2020, in the middle of postgraduate TESOL study – the pandemic began. Suddenly, most of my students returned home. As I looked for part-time online work and how to take my teaching online, there were few resources for Australasians, so teachenglishonline.com.au was born. 

This site was created so that you would have independent resources, a place to connect with others and to find transparent, up-to-date information. I’m here to help you navigate all areas of the developing world of online English teaching.

Good luck and happy teaching!

Kate Zarb
Bachelor of Arts (Education/Digital Media)
Graduate Certificate of Education (TESOL)

Want to teach online + travel as a digital nomad, see my site: ohnomad.com