10+ FREE online English lesson plan template ideas Australia

New to teaching? Lesson planning can be a bit overwhelming to begin with. To make your life easier, we have compiled a list of 10+ free lesson plan templates for you to use in the design of your online English lessons, with Australasian specific lesson planning resources.

Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels
Photo by Max Fischer from Pexels

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Why free online English lesson plan templates with an Australian focus?

One of the biggest challenges for new teachers is planning your lessons. Some even wonder why you should even create a lesson plan, especially for conversational and informal classes. A lesson plan doesn’t have to be complicated and have each minute of the class written down. What it does is provide you with a framework to follow and a goal for the time that you have with the student/s. It also helps tie your classes into bigger goals that will be achieved over a longer period of time, not just what can be accomplished in a single lesson. Here is a great post on the “Essentials of lesson planning” from Future Learn, who offer many great free short courses for new teachers. See our full list of FREE courses.

Do you want to introduce yourself and your classes with some Australian-themed content? Perhaps you just want things using UK English spelling and grammar? We’ve got you covered and you should find more than enough resources to get you going and planning great lessons – so “get crackin’ mate”.

Blank online English teacher (TESOL) lesson plan templates for free.

  1. Teacher Planet offers a free “Basic ESL Lesson Plan Template” in a easily customised Google Doc here.
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers have hundreds of thousands of teacher-created materials, including free “ESL Lesson Plan Templates” here. Don’t be afraid to pay for some materials as well, it helps support other teachers.
  3. FluentU have an interesting blog post about “How to Make the Best ESL Lesson Plans with a presentation, practice and production (PPP) Template”, with downloadable .pdf.
  4. Canva offer some really attractive lesson plan templates, for the visual and aesthetically-minded.
  5. Venngage have some amazing lesson plans (with examples and tips for teaching).

Australian-specific lesson planning resources:

There are some great Australian resources as well. Not just lesson plan templates, all of these sites also have great resources for English teachers.

  1. TESOL Australia provide some lesson plans.
  2. Aussie Educator have great general resources, including video and associations.
  3. Australasian Training Academy have free lesson plans including subjects such as “Food” and “Phrasal verbs”.
  4. Australian Curriculum Lessons offer lesson plans such as “Around Australia”.
  5. ATESOL ACT offer a list of Australian only resources such as books and videos.

Videos on lesson planning basics:

Designing your own lesson plan "top tips":

  1. Imagine the end point and break down the time between now and then. How will your students achieve their goals?
  2. You don’t need to make your lesson plan a novel. A basic structure is all that is needed.
  3. Four or five dot points can form a solid basis for a lesson plan. Consider the language goal/s and the methodology.
  4. Draw, journal or use many different colours to create a ‘mind map’ for inspiration, then search the idea and borrow heavily from other prepared lessons (by others).
  5. Brainstorm topics based on free or low cost lesson plans from experienced teachers. Once you know the basics, from learning from others, you’ll be ready to design your own.

Want more lesson planning help?

Why not ask our teaching Facebook community for lesson plan templates and ideas?

Finally, don’t worry if your lesson plans are simple in the beginning. The more you teach, the better you’ll get at planning and thinking about how to structure your classes. Use the above resources to give you a boost, then experiment and adjust those plans until you’re happy. If something in your class works well and your students respond positively, then you know you’re “on to a winner” – good luck!

I’m curious, what free lesson planning resources for TESOL/teaching English online do you use? Comment below.

This post is part of our “Ultimate teach English online guide“. Go check it out. 

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