Freelance Teaching Success!

If you want to run a successful independent online freelance teaching business that attracts a steady flow of well-paying private students, you need the right tools…and support.

with Kate Zarb, GradCertEd (TESOL)

Freelance teaching FAQ

I can hear you thinking...

"I need help with attracting and retaining students, marketing my services and increasing my rates. What have sporks got to do with it?"

OK, let me explain. You see that girl above trying to cut chocolate cake with a spork? That’s me in 2010 attempting to serve my Mexican students after they had bought me something lovely to celebrate my first year of teaching. Sure, we all ate a slice …but it was a mess! It’s the perfect analogy for my attempts to start a private tutoring business that year. It’s why you are an excellent teacher but face obstacles when moving into your own online business.

You just haven’t got the right tools for the job.

Does this sound familiar?

Before I began, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start; putting things off until I was ‘ready’. I thought: “What and who will I teach? How much extra work will it be? Will I succeed?”

Once I started, I was chronically under-charging and doing many, many hours of unpaid planning for every private student, who often tried to negotiate a lower rate (which I would usually agree to). I would take on students that weren’t the right fit because I struggled to say “No”. I thought: “How can I get students staying on long-term and get new students coming in?”

When I moved fully online, I had no idea how to transition to the digital space from face-to-face, was perplexed by marketing, felt ‘icky’ during the sales process and was reluctant to use social media. I thought: “How do I compete with all the other teachers trying to get learners’ attention?”

I felt every fear and made all the mistakes in the book.

...but it got MUCH better!

Fourteen years later, I've got a cake knife and I'm ready to show you how to use it.

Do you want to teach engaged, committed students at up to $100/hr (or more)?

You deserve to be paid what you are worth.

Let me help you identify students who are willing to pay top dollar for your services so you can experience what earning a higher hourly rate will allow you to achieve.

Allow me to show you how to streamline your teaching so you can spend more hours doing the things that you love.

I want to share the secrets that I’ve used in my own profitable online business to charge $100/hr to a loyal and a regular student base (so that you can do it too!).

Ready to launch?

If you're still in the planning stages, we'll work together so that you've got the best idea of what you can offer, who your ideal student is and where they might be found. You'll learn what's involved and how long it takes to go out on your own. You'll be given the top tips for shifting your mindset for success and the practical tools that will launch you at full speed from the start.

Ready to grow?

If you've already attracted a few students but don't know how to scale, we'll work together to create a plan for growth. You will consider profitable niches and/or exploring different marketing avenues to attract ongoing clientele. You'll be given a different perspective as you build your business. I'll share with you the tools I use so you can get more done in less time.

Ready to go digital?

If you are an experienced freelance tutor/teacher who is looking to make the leap into the online space, we'll focus on specific skills that will showcase your expertise. Don't worry if you're a techno-novice! I'll share the easy-to-use tools that I use for the very basics to advanced areas like digital marketing, website building, lead magnets and SEO.

Are you ready to launch? To identify your niche, ideal student and mindset? 

Are you ready to grow? To market to more students at a higher rate? 

Are you ready to go digital? To showcase your expertise and to become more confident with a range of modern tech?

What's involved and how much does it cost?

The first thing you need to do is express your interest. It only takes a few minutes and gives me a good idea of who you are, where you are in your business journey and exactly what you want to achieve. This means that you don’t waste precious time and money on something that isn’t right for you. If I’m 100% confident that we will work well together, we’ll schedule a 60 minute “power hour” at a time convenient for you. During this time, we can create an actionable plan for you to move forward in your online independent freelance teaching business – wherever you are in the process. 

What are some examples of ways that you can help me?

Coaching can assist you in many different ways. It really depends on where you at with your business and each teacher receives tailored, individual advice. Some examples include:

  • Mindset and confidence exercises.
  • Selecting a profitable teaching area based on your skills and interests combined with solid market research principles .
  • Social media or offline strategy for market research and/or student acquisition.
  • Student retention strategy.
  • How to build an inexpensive web presence/website.
  • Choosing an hourly/package rate and/or the confidence to charge it.
  • Sales confidence.
  • Digital tools for organisation and automation.
  • Accountability.


60 minute 1 on 1 “power hour” coaching call via Zoom or your video call platform of choice.

Digital, printable and  individualised plan for a clear, actionable path moving forward.

Digital, printable and  individualised list of tools that you can use to help your business grow.

After the “power hour”, we can discuss an on-going coaching package that will work for you if you want and you are happy that I can help you achieve the goal of freedom and flexibility that your own online business offers.

No hard sales, no pressure, no barrage of emails – just quality coaching that meets you where you are and focuses on your existing strengths and personality.

Money back guarantee.

If you're not 100% happy, I'll give you your money back. You can have your cake and eat it too.


[Kate] helped me with lots of questions I wasn't able to get answered elsewhere. I had put teaching English online into the "too hard basket", but after speaking with Kate I now have actionable steps in place and a strong sense of direction towards achieving this goal.
I had my session with Kate today. She helped me to create a vision for my freelancing business and gave me a lot of ideas and tips on how to succeed. I feel much more prepared and confident to push forward with my venture. Absolutely recommend the session. Extremely worthwhile!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to apply for coaching?

Not everyone is a good fit for coaching and the systems that I have used in my business may not be right for your situation. Once I receive your application, I will email you ASAP and let you know if I think a “power hour” session will be right for you and book a time. If not, I’ll explain why and give you an alternative option to pursue. 


How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card or PayPal via this website using a secure payment gateway (WooCommerce). 

Money back guarantee

You are entitled to a complete refund of your purchase price (minus any fees incurred during the transaction) within 7 days of your purchase date. Just email your request and your funds will be returned immediately. 

What if I have food sensitivities?

All cake-related metaphors used during the facilitation of coaching are not only delicious but also vegan, gluten and cruelty free.