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An email is on its way to your inbox right now! If you do not see it soon, please check out your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder in case it has found its way there.

What next?

All of the jobs that you will have just received in your inbox are great and can be applied for immediately but maybe you’re looking for more detailed information?

We’ve created a comprehensibly detailed and sortable list of the top 50 companies with links for you to apply for each role immediately. You’ll get access to our regularly updated Google Sheet with everything you’ll need to find the perfect role that suits your available hours, expected salary and need for holiday leave. Every day, teachers from each company are giving us new information and if we hear negative reports about a company, they are instantly removed from our list.

See the list here.

What’s included:

  • Full salary information;
  • Bonuses
  • Minimum hourly requirements;
  • Peak booking hours (with time zones);
  • Class length times;
  • Class size (number of students);
  • Student ages;
  • Contract length;
  • TESOL/TEFL qualification requirements;
  • Experience requirements;
  • Whether teaching material provided for you or you are required to BYO;
  • Country of company/location of students;
  • Payment methods (PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Deposit etc.);
  • Leave (time off) requirements;
  • Internet speed requirements;
  • Platform information (Zoom, In-house, etc.); and
  • Notes on job and company specifics.

Who's the list for?

Experienced teachers looking for the highest offered industry salaries; new teachers looking for companies that provide teaching materials and provide in house training; those who have already wasted time and effort searching through online English teaching sites, forums and groups only to be more confused that before and looking for clear, easy to understand information.

Why we created the list...

Like you, we wanted to move online but didn’t know where to start. Sick of poor hourly rates and companies hiring only those with an “American accent”, the complete list has been a labour of love and driven by a desire to take all the available worldwide information on the internet and provide only that relevant to Australasians. Hundreds of hours have been put in to researching each company in detail and it is being updated on a daily basis.

How will it benefit me?

For the price of one hour (of the average salary on the list), you’ll save yourself hours of time and energy AND be able to start applying immediately with confidence by avoiding time wasting companies who offer a low hourly rate and with questionable teacher treatment. You’ll be able to hand pick the best roles and apply for them knowing they will fit in with your teaching expectations, personal life and salary requirements.