REGULARLY UPDATED [2021] list of the top 50 online English teaching jobs for Australians & New Zealanders.

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A common example of a job ad on a major website that excludes Australasians.


Why is finding a good online job so difficult?

I know. I’ve been there! In 2020, after more than 10 years of face-to-face ESL teaching and tutoring, I began researching online English teaching jobs – eventually compiling a list of over 400 companies (yes, I love spreadsheets a little too much). So, what did I find? 

Many international companies paid a pittance (from $5AUD/hr!), others came with HORRIBLE reviews, information about many more was near impossible to find and online groups were crammed with contradictory information.

Even more surprisingly, more than 65% of international companies won’t hire Australasians, even though we are native English speakers! As you can see above , the majority of companies only hire “North American or British” English speakers, while others ask for a “neutral” accent (that doesn’t actually exist).

It was so difficult to find reputable companies from online information and after being rejected multiple times despite being well-qualified, I knew there had to be a better way.

Kate Zarb
(GradCertEd TESOL)
Founder, Teach English Online (Australia & New Zealand)

Do you want to find a job that fits into your lifestyle?

  • Do you have school-aged children or other commitments and need to know the peak working hours?
  • Have you already worked for a company but the salary was too low or they have suddenly changed their rates?
  • Want to teach adults?
  • One-on-one classes?

This list was designed to provide you with as much information as possible so that you can find a role that fits into your life, your teaching preferences, experience/qualifications and needs. No need to trawl through international job websites for jobs that aren’t right for you – just compare the best roles in one easy to use format.

Do you want current and impartial information?

We are NOT a representative of any of these companies and have no vested interest in recommending them other than to provide the best current information for current or aspiring online English teachers from Australia and New Zealand. What started as a personal resource was shared with others in our professional network and now ….with you.

We are in regular contact with teachers who work for many of these companies, speaking with new teachers and actively seeking new information on a weekly basis. 

Companies currently listed in the following countries:
Albania; Canada; China; France; Germany; Hong Kong; India; Indonesia; Iran; Japan; Macau; Malaysia; Poland; Russia; South Korea; Singapore; Spain; Switzerland; Taiwan; Ukraine; UK; USA

NOTE: In August of 2021, the Chinese Government passed new legislation banning the hiring of ‘foreign’ teachers for online English classes to children who are not located on the Chinese mainland. Our list has been modified and only positions teaching Chinese adults are currently listed. We have also increased the number of positions based elsewhere.

Note: The image is just for illustrative purposes and details may not be current/accurate. Hourly rates are not seen here but a low and high hourly rate range plus bonuses are available in the complete list once purchased.

What's on the list...

  • Hourly rates (minimum and maximum range – pro rata) in AUD and NZD;
    (The average rate is $24AUD/$26NZD but goes up to $60AUD/$60NZD NOT including superannuation or taxes);
  • Bonuses (where applicable);
  • Minimum hourly requirements (e.g: min. 2/hrs per week);
  • Peak booking hours (with time zones);
  • Class length (X minutes per class);
  • Class size (number of students);
  • Student ages;
  • Contract length;
  • TESOL/TEFL qualification requirements;
  • Experience requirements (in years);
  • Education requirement (University degree required or not);
  • Teaching material provided or required;
  • Country of company/location of students;
  • Payment methods (PayPal, Payoneer, Direct Deposit etc.);
  • Leave (time off) requirements;
  • Internet speed requirements;
  • Platform information (Zoom, In-house, etc.);
  • OS – Additional information for dual citizens (Hiring policies for UK, US, Canadian, and South African citizens);
  • Notes on job and company specifics;
  • Information regarding specialist positions – including Cambridge exams, IELTS, Business English, etc.


BONUS! Online English tutor jobs

List of Australasian companies that offer online English tutoring jobs domestically. This is perfect if you want to teach Australasian students after school in addition to working with an international company.

  • Pay rates (minimum and maximum range) in AUD and NZD;
  • Bonuses (where applicable);
  • Minimum hourly requirements (e.g: min 2/hrs per week);
  • Peak booking hours;
  • Class size (number of students);
  • Student ages;
  • Teaching material provided or required;
  • Payment methods.

...but why should I pay for a job?

Maybe you’ve seen other free lists and information online and wonder why you should pay? That’s fair.

Almost all of the information regarding online English teaching jobs that you’ll find out there on the internet is sponsored or works on a referral basis – meaning, they get paid to recruit you. 

This means that the information provided isn’t always transparent, as it is in a recruiter’s best interests to get you hired. Instead, we wanted to put the control back in your hands. We are not affiliated to any companies and provide 100% TRANSPARENT and up-to-date information (from a teacher’s perspective) so that you can find the best job that suits your needs. If a company stops hiring or we receive negative feedback about them – we remove them immediately. 

You’ll avoid taking the lesser paid role you saw on a random forum and get access to the best, most up-to date information available anywhere. You’ll save yourself wasted time applying for companies you are not eligible for, or accepting an unsuitable job from one of the major companies, when a smaller and lessor known competitor is looking for your skills, specialisations and qualifications – but does not advertise widely. I assure you, this list the only one of its kind on the internet.

Paying for this list helps me to maintain and research the job market on an ongoing basis. It means that I can remove any companies that treat their teachers badly or don’t pay them without being concerned about having paid ties to them. I can list small, specialised companies for you without fear of them being inundated with unqualified applicants.

You will get LIFETIME access to a regularly updated Google Sheet.
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Am I guaranteed a job?
No, we cannot guarantee you a job, unfortunately. This list provides you with the best, most recent info so you can maximise your chances at an online English teaching job.

Is this for other citizens?
Yes. We have provided information for Australians and New Zealanders, dual citizens and citizens of the US, UK, Canada and South Africa as well as citizens from “non-native” countries.

Can I get a refund?
Yes, if you are not happy with the list, you can ask for a full refund within 7 days of the purchase date (minus any fees occurred in the transaction).

Still not sure if teaching English online is for you?
Check our our honest list of the pros and cons to online English teaching below.

DISCLAIMER: I am not liable for any action that you take or outcomes that occur as a result of this list. The absence of negative reviews/first-hand accounts does not mean that international companies always act ethically or pay hourly rates commensurate with Australian guidelines. I AM NOT AN REPRESENTATIVE OR EMPLOYEE of any companies on the list.