Independent Online Teachers Australasia (IOTA).

Are you a seasoned teaching professional looking to attract and retain a private student base of international students?
An online English teacher wanting to make a break from a large foreign company and go out on your own?

Welcome to the road to independence.

An imperfect creative expression is much more sensible and creative than a grammatically perfect expression without an iota of sense and value in it
– Michael Bassey Johnson.

There are many paths on which teachers travel before they find themselves at a crossroads. For some, familial and personal responsibilities demand more flexibility than a traditional “9-to-5” can provide. For others, travel and adventure call to them, with the newly emerging “digital nomad/remote” lifestyle offering the opportunity to support their dreams. Another group – affected by forces outside their control – find themselves faced with a rapidly shifting International education sector. Many just want fair compensation for high quality, qualified teaching experience.

From whichever direction you have come, I have designed this course to walk you through what I have learned along my own route to successful independent online teaching and to reassure you that you can do it too. All this from an Australasian perspective on the global industry. This four-part course will show you how to research, setup, market and run your own freelance teaching business. Throughout each stage, you’ll watch short videos followed by guides with step-by-step processes and actionable items. You can then connect, share and get support from others like you as you progress together.

Who is IOTA for?

The four stages:

Get Started

This is where you will take the first steps towards your own business, including building a successful mindset, identifying your strengths and selecting a teaching niche.

Move Ahead

This the next part of the journey. Here you will be setting up your business structure, testing your niche and creating a digital presence/strategy.

Go out there

You will be moving briskly now. This is where you will begin marketing your services/attracting students and building your networks.

Keep it running

It's now full steam ahead! This where you will learn about successfully retaining your students and expanding your business.

Course Designer

In 2010, Kate began teaching English (TESOL) internationally and after a few years of fun (but low-paying roles) realised that teaching privately held greater opportunities, freedom and hourly rates. She then worked as a freelance IELTS tutor for the next 7 years and as the entire industry moved online in 2020, so did she. She has spent the past 12 months coaching Australasian teachers on how to succeed at their own independent online businesses, with all that experience here now for you in a complete course. Learn what worked (and what didn’t) from a teacher who has been there, done it and made every mistake …so that you don’t have to.

Kate Zarb (GradCertEd TESOL)


“She (Kate) helped me to create a vision for my freelancing business and gave me a lot of ideas and tips on how to succeed. I feel much more prepared and confident to push forward with my venture. Extremely worthwhile!”


“Thank you so much Kate for your advice and viewpoints and I shall take everything we have discussed together onboard. Over the next few days, I shall be focusing on how to approach my niche market as per your suggestion.”


Please note: This course is currently only being offered to citizens and permanent residents of Australia and New Zealand, located domestically or abroad.

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Earnings Disclaimer: The information presented in the IOTA course is for information purposes only. Hourly rates and income are suggestions based on our personal experiences, are not guaranteed and you accept the risk that your outcomes may differ.  There are no guarantees to the level of success you will achieve as a result of participating in this course. Your results may vary based on your level of experience, expertise and hard work. There is no assurance that you will be able to replicate our results. Starting and running a business is not a get rich quick scheme and takes time and sustained effort. We are not liable for the success or failure of your business after completing the course.